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KRE Aluminum Timing Cover

The NEW KRE Aluminum Timing Cover is here! 

Tired of messing with old, beat up timing covers?

This is the new KRE aluminum Pontiac timing cover!  This Pontiac timing cover is made by precision sand casting 356-T6 aluminum.  The timing cover comes with the following  features:

  • Seal installed

  • Can be ordered with heater nipple NOT drilled (upon request - Please specify when ordering)

  • Has 0, 6, and 12 degree timing marks like the original 1969 Pontiac timing cover

  • Fully 5 axis CNC machined

  • Accepts ALL standard Pontiac parts from 1969 and up

    - fuel pumps and block offs
    - water pump sleeves
    - water pumps
    - water pump divider plates
  • Intake manifold crossover hole is sized for 1/8 pipe tap should you want to block it off

  • Cast and machined in the U.S.A

Motor plate version is available !


Water pump sleevesWater pump divider plate

Don't forget the these important parts when installing the new KRE Timing Cover! The water pump divider plate, water pump sleeves, timing cover gasket, oil pan lip gasket, water pump and water pump gasket.

$ 20.00 $ 27.00

PRW's aluminum water pump

PRW Alum. Water Pump

$ 115.00

TIP Oil Pan Lip Gasket $ 4.00

TIP Timing Cover Gasket $ 5.00

TIP Water Pump Gasket $ 5.00

KRE Water crossover KRE Water crossover KRE Water crossover

$ 235.00
By popular demand, this is our 1964-68 Timing cover. A stock replacement cover for the guy that doesn't want to change there pulleys and/or bracket locations for the 1969 or later style cover and pump. Has the dipple for Tri-Power intake manifolds too. Comes with seal installed and heater nipple drilled.

64-68 water pump divider 64-68 Water pump

Here is the divider plate and water pump for the 64-68 KRE T-cover. The divider plate is stainless steel and the water pump is cast iron with a cast impeller.

$ 55.00 $ 140.00
TIP 64-68 Water Pump Gasket $ 5.00

KRE Water crossover

$ 75.00
Here is our new water crossover. Designed for stock replacement with exact location for T-housing and water outlet for timing cover. This is just the start for our line of intake manifolds.

KRE Oil housingKRE oil housing

This is our standard replacement aluminum oil filter housing. This piece is designed for the stock oil filter and has the angle to pull the filter closer to the block for header clearance. Made from 356-T6 alum. for strength just like our cylinder heads. Will fit the MR-1 and stock blocks.

KRE oil housing

$ 65.00 ea.

KRE 90 Oil housingKRE oil housing

Here is our lastest part that we have been working on! This replacement filter housing is deisgned off the older 90 degree unit. With this one the filter is moved further away from the block and also located the oil filter app. 1" higher. This piece make more room vertically between the filter and headers if you have them? Made from 356-T6 alum. and has 1/8" pipe thread for oil pressure. Will fit both MR-1 and stock blocks.

KRE oil housing

$ 75.00 ea.

KRE Tri-power plate

$ 20.00
Here's a Tri-Power fuel pump plate that we came up with!!!!

2nd. gen Firebird1st. gen Firebird

$ 20.00 ea.
Some more fuel pump block plates. First & Second generation Firebird plus indian head logo.

Indian head

KRE Remote oil filter adapter

$ 35.00
This is another fine product that we made with new CNC machine! It's machined out of 6061T-6 Aluminum. Setup for remote filtering of oil. Has been tapped with 1/2" pipe tap. Perfect fit for Aluminum AN fittings or hyd. hose.

KRE Block off plate

$ 20.00
This is our own fuel pump block off plate made on our new CNC machine! It's machined out of 6061T-6 Aluminum. A perfect match for any Pontiac engine that will be using an electric fuel pump.

Our aluminium valley pans come with bolts ready to install.
Alum. Valley Pan

$ 45.00

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