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The following are reasons why Kauffman Racing Equipment is your leader in Pontiac Engine Performance. We not only crow about the work, effort, expense, detication and parts we put into this hobby. But we show you why we continue to be the BEST ! No talking about it or false ad's to claim we are, just plain Proof from performance. We've said it in the past and we will continue to say it. We are your leader and we plan to stay in the number one spot.

Fastest Pontiac powered car list

Fastest NA Pontiac Powered 6.75 lb./per cid Heads up car

Jim Pickett

Pickett Racing

Here is Jim Picketts 1963 Tempest. This car is literally a work of art. Built to run heads up Pro Nostaliga racing and that's what it does and with Jimmy behind the wheel it's a killer combo. The Pickett family has been more then customers over the years, they are more like family. They have given us goals over the last 15 years of racing and we've hit every one with our combo's. This of course is one of them. Built from another K&M Performance MR-1 block this High Port headed combo at 430 cid makes over 2 horsepower per cid. And let me add to the fact that this engine is shifted at 9000 rpm's 4 times down the track everytime out. There is no babing this one. Last time out this car blistered Capitol raceway with a
8.38 @ 159.75
in Maryland on Oct. 11, 2009.

Performance Update 2012

8.24 @ 161.00

Quickest and Fastest NA Pontiac Powered Car

Kevin Swaney

Kevin Swaney's
Tin Indian Performance Dragster

A rocket with wheels - Tin Indian Performance's stable car. Built for speed this car is destined for breaking records. Kevin knew that, with this car he couldn't use but the best for parts if he wanted to be the best. So being the business/racer minded person he is and only true way to know your product you claim to be the best is race it yourself. And that's what he does. Starting with a K&M Performance MR-1 block and of course Kauffman High Port heads. This beast is another 535 combo that just doesn't stop pulling on the track. Going through the trap at over 8000 rpm's this is a fine tuned machine. Last year out at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio he ran a best of

6.81 @ 192.51

on April 25, 2010. Backing the fastest pass up with a
6.89 @ 192.19.

    Fastest NA Pontiac Powered Door Car
Mark Kauffman

Kauffman Racing Equipment

First outing at the 2011 Pontiac Nationals in Norwalk, Ohio we ran a

7.254 @ 189.52
to break the N/A door car record. Backing that up with a 7.247 @ 190.08 later in the day. This car is a fine example of what can be achieved from a well built Kauffman engine. Built from a K&M Performance MR-1A block this 535 cid engine holds a pair of our New Warp 6 Canted Valve heads with a KRE Sheet Metal intake with a pair of dominator carbs.

Performance Update 2013

7.026 @ 197.00

There's more to come, so check back for up dates.

Fastest Pontiac powered car list

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