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8528 MSD 8528 Ready to Run distributor is much like the old HEI but smaller and way better designed. Comes with different bushings and springs to taylor your mech. timing curve and also comes a with a adjustable vacuum source. Includes pigtail to hook up to a standard coil and wire for rpm rev limit.

Ready to Run $ 530.00

8563 The MSD 8563 Pro Billet distributor is the best for a crank trigger setup. Also works very well by it's self. Deisgned to work with an ignition box. Comes with different bushings and springs to taylor your mech. timing curve. Can be setup to be locked out for crank trigger setup too.

Pro Billet $ 410.00

crank trigger

MSD's crank trigger is the best for timing control. No cam, distributor or end play lag in the ing. timing to the piston. Only straight up timing and very solid signal. The best for high rpm's setups.

Crank Trigger $ 455.00


This is MSD's blaster 2 coil. Used with the MSD 8528 Ready to Run distributor. Very good and easy setup for street cars. We've use this setup on our 400 to 600+ pump gas engines.

8203 Coil $ 62.00


These are MSD's custom fit wires. You cut them to what length you want. We custom cut each set for our in house engines. The 8.5mm MSD wires are the best on the market.

31189 8.5mm Wires custom trim $ 126.00


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